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CaptainsBounty.com is the Sign up Site for UBRA Skippers, a new business for a new boating world. We have a State of the Art Smart Phone Application launching this fall, this is a new way to get Charters and it will change the way the entire electronic business model works.

If you are in the Charter Business you know getting a new customer can be expensive. Your time is valuable and Advertising is expensive; how many distracting calls do you get trying to get you to advertise or some broker who wants you to list with them? Your boat doesn’t have to sit idle, depreciating, rotting, oxidizing and rusting. A boat that runs often, runs better and lives longer. Make money in ways you may not have considered before. Other than traditional charters you can offer additional services like: Corporate Outings, Graduation, Engagement/Wedding Parties, Bachelor and Bachelorette, Anniversary parties, Eco Tours, Point to Point Transportation, Day Cruises to Sandbars, Dinner Cruises, Twilight Cruises, Memorial Services, and many more. If you are already offering these services this will definitely bring more customers to your business.

Sign Up for enrollment Today! We treat your information as confidential and do not share with any third parties. Once you sign up, you will receive an email or a text from UBRASKIPPERS.COM welcoming you and asking you to confirm your information as listed. To validate your identity we will need you to provide a picture of your: Driver’s License, Vessel Registration and proof of Insurance. This can be emailed or texted, if you need help one of our Captain’s Support Team members will walk you through the process.

You are in complete control. Preset all of your information the Captain’s Dashboard: the minimum and hourly price, cancellation fees, hours, dates and locations of operation and you can change it all, at any time, instantly via the application. The captain sets the number of riders to take in advance via their boat bio profile. The captain sets their own work schedule in a real-time basis as well as having the ability to charge surge pricing at their command. We pay for the development and maintenance of the Application, we Market and Advertise, the Captain has zero advertising and marketing costs to pay.

The captain is not charged any broker fees, we provide secure automated merchant services, and if you choose to accept a Charter via the Application, then and only then there is a commission of 20 %.  Our client’s are willing to pay more for the convenience of using our Application so the Captain has the option to adjust his hourly rate to reflect fees on our platform. Most Charter services are already paying commissions for traditional Customer Acquisition. Our commission covers advertising & marketing and credit card processing fees.

Once you have sent us your Registration, Proof of Insurance and Driver’s License we submit an application to our Insurance provider for a Rider policy of liability insurance up to $1 million. You can now take this to your Insurance provider and ask for a discount!

We also have other benefits such as business analytics, which allows you to improve your revenue and target best boating market segments and Reward Programs for positive customer satisfaction surveys.

Our Services

We provide a FREE mobile application for You and Riders. We find the Riders, Market and Advertise, we process the payments and provide liability insurance up to $1 million.

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Special Events

Sponsored Captain’s Sign-up and Rewards Parties. Premium listing and commission discounts for active captains. Charity Events with Bimini Ring Tournaments and special prizes.

Dates and locations to be announced.

How it works? You decide!

How many Riders you accept, when you want to book a trip and for how long, you set hourly rate and minimum time.

Still have questions? Go to the FAQ page for more info.

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